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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Secret to high TOEIC score is Wikipedia" according to Vietnamese perfect score winner

First perfect TOEIC score for Vietnamese student Vietnamese American Vocational Training College (VATC) on Wednesday held an award ceremony for Truong Cong Ly who is the first Vietnamese student to receive the maximum 990/990 score in a TOEIC.

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The principle of Vietnamese American Vocational Training College, Nguyen The Bao (R), awards Truong Cong Ly for being the first Vietnamese student with a perfect TOEIC score.

Born in a poor family, Ly has always had good results at school and university. Ly, a final-year student at the Banking Faculty of University of Economics HCMC, started to study English in September 2004 at VATC and always got outstanding results.

Last year, Ly enrolled for his first TOEIC test and got a good score of 955 but he wasn’t satisfied so he did it again this year.

“Learning English is long process like building a house. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four walls while each brick is vocabulary that needs to be built up everyday,” said Ly. He added that his secret is reading articles on the internet, especially Wikipedia to bolster his reading skills, grammar and vocabulary, and watching movies on HBO and Star Movies to improve his listening and speaking.

Ly thanked his teachers at VATC for helping him get the perfect score.

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